The Karmik Post is a Hindi Weekly Newspaper from Madhya Pradesh. It was conceptualize keeping Environment, Spirituality, Health & Hygiene, Literature & Tourism in Centre. But with the passage of time & printing of Editions it was felt that Social, Political, Entertainment, Sports, International & Local issues should also be incorporated.

In its journey since January 2015 The Newspaper has undergone changes owing to the ever changing Environment & Surroundings and has adapted accordingly. In keeping pace with the World-Wide Developmental Changes , It has reinvented itself in the terms of design, getup & content. It has exclusive reading material for different age groups, interests & genders– An apt platform for the mature men & women, trendsetter for the Young and a Chronicle for Old.

Dr. Sonal Mehta, An Author & Socio-Enviroprenure, brought out this Newspaper as unorthodox in nature & innovative in temperament. For Her it is not a commercial venture but a Social Revolutionary mouth piece deep rooted in values and activism. The spirit with which she launched the paper & run it has helped to contribute to environment awareness and other social issues.

Within its approach, The Karmik Post has lighted a spark in the informational enterprise. It is proceeding towards setting of new standards by incorporating international and local area news with similar ease and sharpness.

The Karmik Post is in the Class of its Own.